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ONE  Backed by a movement of 2 million ONE members, ONE achieves change through advocacy. We hold world leaders to account for the commitments they’ve made to fight extreme poverty, and we campaign for better development policies, more effective aid and trade reform. We also support greater democracy, accountability and transparency to ensure policies to beat poverty are implemented effectively. ONE is not a grant-making organization and we do not solicit funding from the general public. As we have always said, at ONE, ‘we’re not...

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Genocide Intervention Network

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Genocide Intervention Network Save Darfur Coalition and the Genocide Intervention Network are now United to End Genocide, the largest activist organization in America dedicated to preventing and ending genocide and mass atrocities worldwide. Both organizations led the historic movement to demand an end to genocide in Darfur. For the first time, elected leaders took action to stop genocide — because millions of people took a stand and spoke out in one voice to say, “You must!” We believe the only way to prevent mass atrocities and to end...

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P.E.A.C.E.  Protect. Educate. Aid. Children. Everywhere. The PEACE Fund is a not for profit charity founded by the actor, Adrian Paul. The PEACE Fund focuses on small, under-funded and hard-working charities who are determined to make a positive difference to the lives of children living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.The words Protect, Educate and Aid are the focus of The Peace Fund’s goals.

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